Turning crappy experience into profit

I had to process all these rush of emotions but I told myself I knew of the outcome of working on these projects. I knew that I would be doing outsource work and my work will be rebranded with an 'upsell price'. I had no control on the after audit journey. I wouldn't know if the client would benefit on the report as a starting guide. Well, at least now I know that the audit was just a cash grab for the agencies 😓

Could this be the big game of it all in the industry? I was a new comer and had so many questions.
This is why people still buy followers isn't it? Because at the end of the day it's still the perceive credibility someone has even if you've been told plenty of times that 'numbers of followers do not matter'

I didn't want to touch work because I felt disgusted by it so I just comfort myself with Netflix and tubs of ice cream. (Yes avoidance is my coping mechanism😜)
About a month later, the maths started clicking in my head. It felt like my brain just solve one of the Rubik cube.

This is the gap! This is the demand, right here under my nose.
I sat to restructure my audit and I pitched the new offer to the big social media agencies.
Instead of doing a one off white label audits, the new offer was a premium high touch audit procedure customized to the uniqueness of their social media agency and training the creative department on how to personalize the framework.

On a surface level, outsourcing seems to be the winning strategy to decrease operation cost for profit but when they start looking at differentiation selling point, clients retention, satisfaction rate, they saw the possibility of increasing profit margin.

There are many lessons that could be extracted here but I would like to highlight just one.

Start with what you already know and what you already have

Its easy to fall into the rabbit hole of trying to find what's the right product, putting together profiles of the people you should be serving, figuring out what's your purpose or impact because that's the list of things that we are 'suppose to do' when starting a business.
But what if all of those don't matter when you are first starting out?
What if you let yourself explore the journey and adventure through the industry?You might find yourself discovering a problem that you can solve

And all of the list of things that you are 'suppose to do' will be filling itself out during the journey not from the start.
So ask yourself, what can you offer with what you already know today? The business opportunity will be embed in that puzzle.